The Not-So-True Story of Hot Rod Haven

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It’s known to locals in Louisville, Kentucky, as “Hot Rod Haven.” Or, at least, it was.

On a map, it is called Mitchell Hill Road.

It is a long, twisting, two-lane road with a number of straightaways followed by tight corners. In the 1940s to the 1970s, it was a popular place for teenagers to test their cars and their racing skills.

And, according to the legend, many of them didn’t make it back.

The story goes that two of those people were a girl and her boyfriend who, on the night of September 23rd, 1950, were said to be on their way to a high school dance. The boy took a corner a bit too fast and, in the ensuing crash, they were both killed.

On what was believed to be the 50th anniversary of their deaths, an investigator with the American Ghost Society retraced their route and investigated the cemetery where they are buried.

But, what really happened on the road known as Hot Rod Haven?

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