A word about cemeteries

We tell ghost stories with a special focus, not just on history, but on the places where those stories intersect with the stories of real people. Within our stories, we will frequently give real names and tell you when and where they were laid to rest.

Vandalism and desecration are very real problems for communities and cemetery caretakers, and disrespectful visitors — particularly those who visit only to hunt down legends — have been known to wreak havoc by tipping over headstones, littering, and just generally disturbing the solemnity of cemeteries.

As a result, many cemeteries have had to hire security to monitor the grounds and enforce strict rules about being in the cemetery after sundown or established visiting hours, especially on or around Halloween.

If you choose to visit a cemetery or to search out the grave of someone whose story we’ve endeavored to tell, we as only this: Be respectful.

Walk, don’t run. Keep your voice low. Say a prayer for the departed, if you’re so inclined.

Take pictures, certainly. But, also consider taking a flower to leave for the person you’re visiting. Take a moment to clear the headstone or marker of leaves or weeds. Maybe even see if the cemetery has a donation box where you can leave a few dollars to help with the upkeep.

We consider cemeteries to be holy ground, sanctified to the friends and family whose loved ones are laid to rest there. Please treat them as such.