The “White Witch” of Niles Canyon Road

Every year, on February 26th, a young woman is said to appear alongside Niles Canyon Road.

There are many stories as to how her ghost came to be; a carriage accident, a young girl gone missing in the canyon, and a heart-broken actress from the earliest days of cinema.

But, which of those stories is true? Find out on this Patreon-exclusive episode of Epitaph: The Others.

The Ghost of 22 Mountain

Clarence Stephenson wrestled to corpse to the side of the road and, then, panted and grunted as he pushed the body of a woman he’d once considered a friend into a gully and watched it disappear into a bramble of blackberry thorns.

He thought she’d never be seen again.

He was wrong.

The Ghost of the Buckhorn and the White Lady of Wopsy

Two mountains. One legend.

In 1938, an encounter with the Ghost of the Buckhorn launched two weeks of ghost hunts. Dozens of people reported having seen her, having given her a ride or, even, having chased her through the mountains. And, before it was over, she’d been seen by hundreds of school children.

But, who was the real person who became the Ghost of the Buckhorn and the White Lady of Wopsy?