The “White Witch” of Niles Canyon Road

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According to the legend, every February 26th since 1938, a young woman dressed in white has appeared alongside Niles Canyon Road, east of Fremont, California.

A husband and wife are said to have picked her up and drove her toward her home in San Francisco. But, when they reached the toll plaza on the Dumbarton Bridge and tried to pay the told for three people, the toll collector just shook his head.

Since then, many stories have been offered as to the origin of the ghost.

Some have said that she was a woman killed in a horse-drawn carriage accident. An old cemetery caretaker claimed he knew her name was “Lucinda Lowery” and offered proof that she’d been buried at Pleasanton Memorial Gardens.

Local newspapers suggested that she was a young runaway who disappeared into the canyon and whose body was never found.

And, others said she was a heartbroken actress from the earliest days of cinema.

Surprisingly, all of these stories bear an element of truth.

But, which one is the real “White Witch” of Niles Canyon Road?

NIles Canyon Road

Photo: Niles Canyon Road, near Fremont, California. (Source: YouTube | Alt1053.Radio.Com)

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