Resurrection Mary, Part 2: Mary Bregovy

Resurrection Mary is one of Chicago’s most famous ghosts and, over the years, a number of “candidates” have been put to answer the question: Who was she?

Mary Bregovy, like the girl in the Resurrection Mary legend, had lived on Damen Avenue and had died in an automobile accident in the 1930s. But, despite people who knew her while she was alive having reported seeing her on Archer Avenue after her death, Mary Bregovy didn’t look like the girl who is normally described in Resurrection Mary sightings.

On this episode, we discuss how she fits into the Resurrection Mary legend.

The Waldheim Flapper

Chicago’s most famous Vanishing Hitchhiker is, without a doubt, the ghost of the young woman (or women) who has come to be called Resurrection Mary. But, we’ll come back to that.

On this episode, we explore the story of one of Chicago’s other vanishing hitchhikers: The Waldheim Flapper.

The Ghost of 22 Mountain

Clarence Stephenson wrestled to corpse to the side of the road and, then, panted and grunted as he pushed the body of a woman he’d once considered a friend into a gully and watched it disappear into a bramble of blackberry thorns.

He thought she’d never be seen again.

He was wrong.

The Man in the Black Raincoat

In the 1950s, a plane trying to make it through a thunderstorm to land at the Greenville airport crashed into the mountainside just a few yards off of Highway 107 near Walhalla, South Carolina. The wreckage of his small, single-engine aircraft was found but the pilot’s body was never recovered.

But, that doesn’t mean that no one has seen him since then.